Merced Student Housing

Student Housing Phase 3 (The Summits)
University of California, Merced

The Summits is a 360 bed, 94,000 square foot, two-building student housing project at UC Merced. The Project was fast-tracked with Topflight Specs preparing and coordinating specifications for six Bid Releases issued by Pro-West, the Univeristy's construction manager on the Project. As part of this effort, Topflight Specs updated the Univeristy's master Procurement documents from the 1995 to 6-digit 2004 MasterFormat files which have become the University standard as the Campus moves forward on future projects.

• Gold Nugget Awards: 2011 Award of Merit for Best Campus
   Housing Project
• AIA Sierra Valley Chapter: 2011 Design Excellence Award
• LEED Gold (In Progress)

Architect:Pyatok Architects, Inc.

Photo Credit: Pyatok Architects, Inc.

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